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Epson MeetingMate new addition to Fidelity Property Group

The DIB Australia team were recently engaged by the Fidelity Property Group to enhance their office meeting room with new audio and visual products. The Fidelity Property Group is renowned for leading the market in property and real estate and requires the best technology to do so. Specialising in Melbourne inner-city real estate the firm required technology that was as dependable and creative as their staff. The goal was to create a meeting room which enabled greater technological possibilities for staff to work in a collaborative and innovative manner.

The DIB team carefully consulted the Fidelity Property Group and the EPSON EB-1430Wi MeetingMate interactive projector was selected for the meeting room. The MeetingMate is the ultimate tech tool for the office and allows you to turn any wall or existing board into an interactive projection. The touch-based interactivity allows employees to intuitively create and add to any document using either speciality interactive pens or simply the use of a finger.  Additionally, the MeetingMate has the ability to press a button to save, share and print the notes from any meeting there is no need to take photos or transcribe meeting notes.


EPSON MeetingMate EB-1430Wi in use. Source AV Professional

The MeetingMate was chosen due to the sophisticated level of connectivity it provides. With the use of the Epson iProjection™ App employees are now able to wirelessly share and display directly from their iPhone, iPad and android devices to the projector.

The MeetingMate control panel was also installed to allow for easy-to-use command of the projector. This six-button control panel makes connectivity with devices, interactivity and split screen functions simple.

EPSON MeetingMate Control Panel. Source DIB Australia.

To enhance the meeting room experience further, DIB provided a pair of Kramer 30 Watt 2-way stereos. These speakers boast loud projection, easily filling the meeting room and auto power standby when not being used.

For more information on the Epson MeetingMate EB-1430Wi projector, Click here.

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