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EPSON EB945H projector upgrade

EPSON EB945H Projector Upgrade for Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College is a co-ed secondary school with multiple campuses across the south-western suburbs of Melbourne. For years the College has delivered quality educational experiences with the assistance of its strong teaching staff and modern facilities. They enlisted the team at DIB Australia for the upgrade of two projectors at their Point Cook campus.

A DIB consultant worked closely with the school to inspect the space, assess their needs, and design the right audio visual solution to be installed. For the projector upgrade,  each room received an EPSON EB-945H. The EB-945H is a strong offering from EPSON, with crisp clear resolution and three times brighter colours than leading competitive products. This high detail and image quality is delivered at a competitive and affordable price. These projectors are demonstrably reliable, with EPSON even offering a 3 year warranty. While teachers can connect to the projector in a traditional way using a cable, it also comes with modern features allowing for wireless connection. After a quick configuration, this is a hassle-free way for teachers to connect their laptops to the projector.

 EPSON EB945H projector screen

The EPSON EB945H projecting onto the school’s existing screen

The school had old projectors that were previously installed in the rooms but wanted to upgrade to something of higher quality and better reliability. The EPSON EB945H’s were able to be inexpensively substituted in to replace the older projectors, making use of the existing VGA and audio wall plates. They were mounted from the ceiling in the same place as the last projectors, displaying their image onto the existing screen.

ceiling mounted EPSON EB945H projector

The ceiling mounted EPSON EB945H projector

A new Joey Micro control panel was installed along with each projector. These panels are effective in simplifying the operation of the projector system. The Joey Micro features 6 customisable buttons. They were programmed by the DIB team so that users could turn the systems on and off, adjust volume, and select which source to project from (either VGA or wireless). The panel features LED lights which provide clarity as to which functions are being performed and what state the system is in. Overall, the Joey Micro panel will help to make sure that the new projectors are intuitive and easy to use.

Joey Micro 6 button control panel

Joey Micro 6 button control panel (click to enlarge)

This installation by DIB Australia demonstrates an inexpensive and simple way to upgrade your classroom technology.

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