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Classroom Installations

New Discovery Lab System for Lalor Secondary College

Lalor Secondary College located in the north Melbourne suburb of Lalor is an outstanding school providing top quality learning opportunities to students. Lalor Secondary has been key to educating students in Melbourne since 1963. It caters to over 986 students and “is committed to continuing to provide a strong foundation for students’ intellectual, physical, social and moral development”. The school caters to students from diverse backgrounds and attempt to offer each student the best education possible. In order to do this, Lalor Secondary College provides top quality audio visual equipment in each of their classrooms and communal learning areas.

Custom recording system rack.

Installation process

In order to update one of their classrooms, Lalor Secondary College approached the team at DIB Australia to create a customised technology solution. The classroom in question was one which needed lecture recording so that if senior students miss any class, or simply needed to revise this recording could be easily utilised. To meet this need the team at DIB installed the Full HD DiscoveryLab camera system. This system consists of two Full HD camera’s, one at rear of the room with a view for the capture of the presenter and the second at the front of the room, capturing an audience/student view. DIB also designed and installed a custom recording system rack which has the ability to save all recordings direct to the users personal USB memory stick in a very efficient
MP4 format. The recordings can be saved in three formats; personal development mode, lecture mode or presentation mode. These three modes capture the relevant viewpoints of either the teacher, students or screen paired with the relevant audio.

Camera – top left.

Two very discrete, high-quality boundary microphones were also installed in order to pick up the accompanying sound of the digital or live presentation. A Sennheiser Lapel system SK100 + ME4 microphone was also installed to capture the lecturer’s voice clearly.

The system confidence monitor (preview monitor) is used to display a live copy of the images that the classroom capture system is recording. So when the user changes the system from PD mode to Lecture mode they will see the preview screen change accordingly. DIB also installed a simplified wall control panel to easily operate the whole system.

Simplified wall control panel.

Preview Monitor showing teacher and student view.

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