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ONELAN Digital Signage at MacKillop Catholic Regional College

MacKillop Catholic Regional College is a Catholic co-educational secondary college in Werribee, situated in the western suburbs of Melbourne. MacKillop College is a large school, with over 1500 students. DIB have developed a relationship with the school over many years, providing many AV solutions across a variety of spaces. So in mid 2015, when the school required a Digital Signage solution, they contacted Solutions Consultant, Gabi Ceglia at DIB Audio Visual.

In collaboration with a representative from Onelan, Gabi worked with the staff at MacKillop Catholic Regional College to understand their digital signage needs and design a system that would support multiple systems across the school. Initially the Onelan system was deployed in the Anderledy Atrium, an area of high traffic within the school, which had four existing screens.

Onelan NTB-HD-10-S digital signage- MacKillop Catholic Regional College (2) - med

Onelan Digital Signage solution in the Anderledy Atrium

As a company, Onelan have been in the Digital Signage industry for over 15 years, creating simple, yet effective solutions for businesses across all industries. What sets Onelan apart from it’s competitors is its ease of installation and easy of use, with a simple user interface. Onelan is an ALL-in-One digital signage solution. It is a one-off cost for the system, which includes free software updates, free support for hardware and software, as well as pre-loaded templates in the software. This allows clients to get up and running within a very short period of time.

Onelan NTB-HD-10S Digital Signage Player

Onelan NTB-HD-10S Digital Signage Player

What MacKillop Catholic Regional College found appealing about Onelan system was the scheduling functionalities of the Onelan NTB-HD-10S product. This allows them to send digital signage data to multiple areas throughout the school and to other campuses. The design team at OneLan worked with DIB to come up with a specific signage design for the school, including scrolling text areas and video areas within the program.
The software for OneLan is very basic, in that it has an easy-to-use interface, which gives users to the ability to make changes ad hoc; using a web login and to quickly and easily change data/information from any device with a web browser. This was another key element that appealed to the College, as users can be given different rights to edit various areas of signage displays. For example, a Year 10 coordinator when they login, may only get the option to update 5 new photos and 5 text boxes (for scrolling text) for the OneLan display only in the Year 10 area. A canteen manager may login and only see the one text area where they can change the menu and update it for that day’s specials.

Onelan NTB-HD-10-S digital signage- MacKillop Catholic Regional College (main) - med

Close up of display feed from the Onelan’s NTB-HD-10S

Additional benefits of Onelan products include the ability for 3rd party access to the platform (via IPTV) to broadcast Emergency Systems (evacuations) or Building Management warnings (areas that are unaccessible), which would override the existing schedule. The Onelan hardware and software supports Blu-ray quality video playback, as well as files in HTML/ HTML 5, images and text files.

Onelan NTB-HD-10-S digital signage- MacKillop Catholic Regional College (4) - med

Fourth screen in the Anderledy Atrium @ MacKillop Catholic Regional College

We’re excited to see this digital signage solution create a useful point of contact for information, adding significant value for students, staff and visitors at this highly successful co-educational College.

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