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Classroom Installations

St Paul’s Primary goes interactive with the Epson EB-595Wi projector

St Paul’s Primary in Coburg is a small Catholic school with a rich history. Founded in 1851, the school will be celebrating its 165th year in 2016. Things have come a long way since then, including the technology that has been adopted in their recent classroom AV upgrades by DIB Audio Visual.

This incorporated of classroom upgrades using the interactive Epson EB-595Wi projector as the main displays. In consultation with staff, AV inputs (HDMI, VGA + Audio & USB) were installed at both the teachers desk location at the rear of the classrooms and then also at the front of the space, for the connection of a laptop. This allowed flexibility of using the existing desktop PC or another device/laptop with the Epson projector.

St Paul's Primary - Coburg - Joey 6 control panel - DIB Audio Visual (sml)

Easy-to-use Joey 6 control panel

To create a simplified, easy-to-use AV system, a Joey 6 Micro control panel was integrated into the design. This takes out any complexity of operating the system, allowing any staff member to use the technology.

With the capabilities of the interactive Epson EB-595Wi projector, the learning community of St Paul’s Primary is set to take learning to a whole new level.

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