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Top Achieving State school, Frankston High takes learning to new levels with the Epson EB-595Wi projector

Frankston High School is a high performing academic school of excellence, committed to the continual improvement of quality teaching and learning. A state secondary school located in the Peninsula suburb of Frankston, the school has a large student population and is always looking at ways to gain an edge in their educational approach. One such way is by the integration and utilisation of technology within their school. So, when they required AV upgrades for 3 of their classrooms, they contacted the team at DIB Audio Visual to help provide a suitable AV solution.

Having worked with the school for several years, DIB Solutions Consultant, Gabi Ceglia knew the school’s AV objectives and requirements and worked with the staff to make sure that these expectations were met in all aspects of the AV solution for the 3 rooms.

The main display chosen for the classrooms was the Epson EB-595Wi interactive finger-touch projector. This projector adds many educational dimensions to the classroom, including interactivity (up to 6 touch points at the main display), as well as collaboration opportunities (students can share work direct from their devices onto the main display, via an Epson shared feature called EasyMP).

The JED T460 control panel was chosen for ease-of-use for staff and to continue to create uniformity across the school in the AV systems. This allows teachers to walk into any classroom and find the AV setup (control panel) the same, making it straightforward and easy. HDMI, and VGA (+audio), as well as USB inputs were also included as part of the AV solution.

Frankston High - JED T460 control panel (med)

JED T460 control panel

Frankston High - High quality HDMI input (med)

High quality HDMI input for laptop/devices

Now equipped with the latest in interactive finger touch technology from Epson, Frankston High School are ready to continue to provide high quality education to their large learning community, both now and into the future.

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