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Classroom Installations

School-wide projector upgrade at Lavalla Catholic College

Students are at the heart of all Lavalla Catholic College does. Their approach is underpinned by two important exhortations of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers: “to make Jesus Christ known and loved”; and that to”…educate children is to love them and to love them all equally”.

Lavalla Catholic College treated every room as equal when they recently upgraded every room on campus. 80 projectors, 81 wireless adaptors, 85 JED controllers, and 26 sets of speakers across 84 classrooms. Lavalla Catholic College had a school wide upgrade to their AV fitout.

Eighty EB-575wi’s were installed across the school

The EB-575wi is a tough workhorse projector reliable enough to be installed across eighty rooms at Lavalla College. The popularity of the projector means it works with most popular devices, allowing teachers to connect their phones and tablets wirelessly.

Using the same projector across the install means each classroom is consistent. Learning to use one projector means anyone can walk into a room and use the equipment like an expert.

Classroom projector control and connectivity

The simple JED controllers make it easy for teachers to change the projector settings. Switching between sources, changing the volume, and turning the projector on an off has never been simpler.

The ports to plug in devices are the most common ports you’ll find on modern laptops and devices. Teachers can enjoy the simplicity of using VGA, HDMI and USB to connect their laptops.

On top of the standard physical connections, the projectors in every room come with wireless LAN adapters, meaning even more devices can be connected through the school’s local network.

The ease of wireless connections

Lavalla College paid the additional cost for LAN adapters for every projector. The convenience of connecting projectors wirelessly makes for a more collaborative classroom.

The Multi-PC Projection feature allows a network of up to 50 PCs to be connected to a single projector. A specific user can act as moderator, assigning up to 4 screens to be displayed on the projector at once.

Annotations can be made on the screen in real time. It’s the same feature we use to label rooms using projectors in our photos.


DIB worked with Lavalla Catholic College to design their AV fitout for the whole school.

We can work with your team to do your own custom install. Our team will assess the needs of your space and design a solution specific to your organisation.

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