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Ivanhoe Primary School – Interactive Projectors

Ivanhoe Primary’s objective is to open the door for life-long learning habits for each of their students. They believe that children can be empowered to achieve their full potential and to take responsibility for their approach to learning.

The school was examining the potential for interactive learning technology, in particular projectors. They wanted to make sure that their lessons were as interesting and engaging as possible. That meant adopting a solution across the whole school, one which respected their budgetary constraints and made as much use of their existing whiteboards as possible.

The whiteboards themselves were a serious obstacle in the path of deploying interactive projectors throughout the school. When they were installed, they were installed on a slant rather than in parallel to the wall and that meant that any interactive projector solution used would have to be customized to project evenly on the surface.

The recommended model was the EPSON Dual Touch Projector (the EPSON EB-475Wi) an ultra-short throw model that could be placed on an angled wall bracket to overcome the issue of the slanting projection surface.

This meant that the image would remain undistorted when projected and make it very simple for the teachers and students of Ivanhoe Primary to use the interactive features. As with most interactive projectors, that means using a pen that acts both as a mouse and as a drawing tool. This allows for a multi-media immersive classroom setting that supports learning in a much simpler way than traditional whiteboards. When connected to a PC you can also save any notes or diagrams that have been made during a lesson and then print them afterwards.

Ivanhoe Primary School will have 13 EPSON-EB-475Wi interactive projectors in its classrooms by the end of October. Rhiannon De Bono, the school’s IT manager said; “The final product is excellent. Staff and students are happy with the projector(s) and [they] are used daily, in a variety of different ways.”

The school’s teachers say that because there’s no need for drivers when using these interactive projectors that they’ve found them very simple to use. They felt that the training session that was supplied to all teachers was very helpful in preparing them for using the EPSON EB-475Wi in the classroom.

The school’s staff were particularly impressed by the way that the installation team conducted themselves and that there was no mess left on-site after they had finished mounting the projectors on the walls.

Angled wall bracket

The Epson EB475Wi mounted on an angled wall bracket to overcome the issue of the slanting projection surface