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How can I make my AV system simpler to use?

The goal > SIMPLICITY in designing AV systems.

This is the key objective of all Solution Consultants at DIB Audio Visual. This is at the heart of what we do at DIB; to provide great AV systems across the corporate, government and education sectors.

Consultant Sam Garden shares his insights into how and why this is so important, particularly in schools. Having over 20 years experience in custom design of technology and AV systems, the one thing that he has found across all the hundreds of school installations he has designed – simplicity cannot be overstated. In recent times, more and more schools have come to appreciate the value of really simple AV systems.

Here is some of the wisdom he shares about the DIB difference with Audio Visual.

“The problem I generally find is that all too often staff in schools start with products & some ideas they’d like in a space. These are good starting points, but from this talk generally centres around what they want to do in terms of products or a system they want to install. This, of course, may not be exactly what is needed or required for their space.

What I’ve found is 2 key steps in the consultation process.
These are to identify
1. What are they trying to achieve (functionality-wise) for a particular space?
2. Who are the end users (who will be using the system)?

By identifying and clarifying the main points of what is trying to be achieved in the space and who is going to be using the system, I can start to really understand their required needs.

Through this process I will ask questions and listen to their answers. Then I will compare their requirements with hundreds of other schools installations as to what I’ve found normally works best in that type of space. Working with the client to clearly define the set of requirements that are necessary (verses what would be a nice addition), I can include these extra as options to make it easy to determine the end AV system.

DIB Audio Visual - Keep it Simple

Simplicity cannot be overstated!

Where less is more, schools are looking to avoid any complications of running an AV system that could potentially become a major barrier. Schools want to get on with the business of education, not worrying about how to operate the classroom AV system. This is what DIB does best; design SIMPLE to use systems”

If you would like to create easy-to-use AV system, whether it be an existing AV system or AV in a planned building works, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or Submit an Enquiry HERE