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Caulfield Grammar (Malvern) – Learning Project – Combined Space Screen

As a commitment to the aspirations of 21st Century learning, Caulfield Grammar have developed Learning Projects at each of their three Victorian Campuses. These allow teachers to explore new learning technologies in specifically designed learning spaces to evaluate their effectiveness and possible application in future building works. This post focuses on the Learning Centre at Malvern campus, where DIB were asked to bring their expertise to assist Caulfield Grammar in the design and installation of an AV solution of a combined spaces area. (The Steps & Collaborative Studio)

As with many new building projects, DIB worked alongside the architects and electrical consultants to find the AV solution for this specific space. The whole design and manufacture of the actual building was done off-site (not on campus), making the AV installations for these Learning Projects even more complex.

CGS - Custom Sharp 70inch panel (M)

As unique as the learning spaces were, so was this AV solution that was required between these two spaces. It needed to be versatile enough to use the TV panel in either area. For the purposes of this installation, a NIB wall (free-standing wall) was centrally installed on which the
large Sharp 70” LED TV was placed. There were some unique additions to the set, including a Custom Swivel Stand. At the rear, this included handles to enable the set to be easily rotated, as well as a custom-built mesh panel to discreetly hide cables.

CGS - Custom rotating large led display bracket - (M) DIB AustraliaCGS - Rear - Custom Sharp 70inch panel (M)

An Apple TV unit was also installed to enable connectivity to iPads and a HDMI input was placed next to the Extron MLC62 control panel for other external devices. The Extron MLC62 was chosen to bring the installation inline with DIB’s ethos of creating systems that are easy-to-use and make an enjoyable experience in using the technology.

Australian Monitor TXG30 speakers were also designed to fit snuggly between the 70” panel and the NIB wall. These were attached to the TV, so that effective audio playback was given, no matter which direction the TV faces.

In conjunction with other contractors, DIB has created an aesthetically-pleasing AV solution between these two learning spaces which is easy to operate system for the staff at Caulfield Grammar which produces a seamless transition between the two spaces.

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