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Classroom Installations

Catholic Ladies College (Eltham) – NEW Food technology rooms

DIB Australia recently assisted both Catholic Ladies College (Eltham) and their principal consultant BRT Consulting with the design and installation of Audio Visual services for their renovated Food Technology rooms.

The setup requirement was for LED grade large display screens providing for the connection of external HDMI devices such as laptop at teacher position.  Also there was a requirement to provide visual feedback from the demonstration benches.  This was provided via two high resolution analogue cameras in each teaching space.

The entire system was controlled with a low cost Joey Micro control system.  The resultant rooms are very modern and effective with Audio Visual to complement the classroom teaching as required. Photo’s of the installation follow.

Ceiling camera Practical foodtech room AV

Practical room – Camera 1 Bench View

Ceiling camera Practical foodtech room AV 2

Practical room – Camera 2 Stove view

Catholic Ladies College Joey Micro control

Practical room – Bench mounted control panel layout