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Balwyn High School – Library – Wide Reading Area Touchscreen Installation

Balwyn High is a high achieving state secondary school, located in the leafy suburb of Balwyn. DIB have consulted and installed AV solutions for many projects at Balwyn High School. When the Head of AV department wanted to install a new touch screen in the Wide Reading Area of the Library, they contacted DIB to design a suitable AV solution.

There was much consultation involved in finding the best touchscreen for the project, including testing of many different options to check the functionality and usability of the touchscreen interface. This included evaluating the screens for how accurate and responsive they were. They also tested the functionality when using a connected device that ran Windows 8 and if it naturally mirrored the gesturing that happens on a laptop or tablet.

Balwyn HS - Library -Commbox Classic 75 inch touchscreen (side)

It was decided that the Commbox Classic 75” LED touch screen (1920×1080) was the best touchscreen experience and which interfaced the best with the Windows 8 operating system.  In keeping with DIB’s ethos of creating easy-to-use AV systems, the JED T460 control panel was chosen to provide a simple, enjoyable interface which made it easy to operate the AV system.

JED T460 contol and AV inputs

DIB utilised the Extron XPA 2001 EnergyStar-rated amplfier connected to six Australian Monitor TXG10 speakers for the audio component of the installation. HDMI switching capability was integrated into the system by using a Kramer VS-211H unit.

Balwyn HS - Library - Australia Monitor TXG10 speakers M2

By taking time to determine what touchscreen best suited the installation at Balwyn High, DIB have provided a custom AV solution that fulfils the needs of the client and can be operated by any person who wants to teach or share in the Wide Reading Area of the Library.

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