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New Epson EB-485Wi for Ashwood School Library

DIB Audio Visual have been helping provide AV solutions for Ashwood School since 2012. Recently the school required the relocation of an Epson EB-485Wi Ultra-Short Throw projector. This Epson interactive projector was to be relocated from the Evans St Learning Centre to the Ashwood School Library at Montpellier Road. Solutions Consultant, Gabi Ceglia, met with staff to organise the best AV solution in the library for the AV system.

Included in the relocation was the installation of the existing Epson EB-485Wi interactive dual-pen projector, as well as a new vitreous whiteboard for the main display to be projected upon. With dual-pen capabilities, the Epson EB-485Wi allows 2 students (or the teacher and a student) to work on the displayed surface simultaneously for collaborative learning.

Ashwood School - Library - Epson EB-485Wi intereactive projector - AV Relocation (med)

Epson EB-485Wi projector & Epson ELP-SP02 speakers

Also included as part of the relocation AV installation were new HDMI and VGA (+audio) inputs, providing the flexibility of connecting devices with newer or older connections. A USB input was also integrated into the installation, providing the interactivity component from the users devices to the main display.

Ashwood School - Library - Epson EB-485Wi intereactive finger touch projector - VGA (+ audio) & HDMI inputs - AV Relocation (med)

HDMI , VGA (+ audio) & USB inputs

Along with the Epson EB-485Wi ultra short throw projector, a pair of Epson ELP-SP02 speakers were installed to provide ample sound reinforcement as part of the AV solution in the Library.

Overall, a nice smooth relocation was achieved, with the Epson EB-485Wi interactive projector now set up in the Ashwood School Library. The library is now equipped with a modern AV solution, helping provide an interactive environment with some of the latest Epson projector technology.

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