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View from the audience

View from the audience

Arming Presenters with all the tools

In a recent project for University High School, our team made some important AV upgrades to one of the schools lecture rooms. All with the aim of arming presenters with all the tools needed for an effective presentation or lesson.

View from the podium

View from the podium

Any great presenter wants to have great tools at their disposal during a presentation.

Nothing is worse than having poor sound, poor light, or clunky or out of date tools when you are trying to pass on information or wisdom to an audience.

Research proves time and again, that poor audio, or poor vision or a disorganised speaker can severely impact the quality of the information received and also the impressions and even trust the audience has of that information and the presenter.

Arming Presenters with all the tools

Front View from Audience Viewpoint

Walking into this lecture theatre in the future, presenters will be able to relax and know they have at their fingertips the finest quality audiovisual equipment.

The EPSON EB-1485Fi  provides a high quality laser driven light source. It also has some handy features like:

– PC Free Whiteboard Function
– Save, Print & Email straight from projector
– Pen & Finger Touch Interactive
– Wireless Interactivity & Projection

Emphasising a slide with a hand drawn diagram, or whiteboarding ideas in an interactive session are a breeze when you have products like this.

A Kramer scaler model: VP-440H2 really helps the presenter by allowing them to input up to 3 x HDMI devices as well as 1 x VGA (RGBHV) with separate audio.

All in all, this AV upgrade has delivered a highly functional, highly engaging lecture space in a room that was already blessed with beautiful aesthetics and modern styling. Arming Presenters with all the tools.

With our sound and vision improvements, it will be a popular lecture space for years to come for both presenters and attendees.

To find out how we can help you design or upgrade your lecture or tutorial room in your school or an event space in your organisation, please call us on 03 9457 4800 or email info@dibaustralia.com.au