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Australian Pharmaceuticals gets a Meeting Room Makeover

Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries is a multi-national organisation that is Australia’s leading health and beauty company. The company has had rapid expansion, building from Sydney and creating branches across the country with major branches like Priceline Pharmacies and Soul Patterson Pharmacies coming under the Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries branch. Overall over 1400 Pharmacies come under their operation, making them a highly influential organisation within Australia.

When it came time to update their Second Floor Meeting Rooms, Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries looked no further than DIB Audio Visual in order to create a forward thinking technology update solution. The team at DIB consulted with the company in order to create a customised and thoughtful update to their 3 meeting rooms.

Installation process

For the central meeting room, the LG 65″ Full HD Commercial Lite monitor with integrated HDTV was selected. This selection was due to the high quality image that the LCD produces. Additionally, the LG monitor has a sleek and aesthetic appearance which looks right at home in the renovated meeting room. This LCD was installed on a swivel and tilt bracket to suit any angle that people are positioned within the room.

LG 65″ with Swivel Feature.

As well as the LCD, a projector was already present in the room. To enhance this existing technology, the DIB team installed a Extron MLC 50 Plus Projector wall controller. This means that the LCD and Projector system are both able to be effortlessly controlled.

An Audio System and Audio Control System was also installed in the meeting room. This allows for professional audio to be projected throughout the space. This addition adds an extra oomph to any presentation of that features sound.

Audio Control System.

In the Breakout Room an LG 65″ Full HD Commercial Lite monitor with integrated HDTV was also installed on a Manual AV trolley with integrated shelf. This meant that a second LCD was able to be used in a flexible manner, proving the perfect portable office companion. An HDMI input plate connection with Kramer Fiber capable of 4K quality was also installed in this room. This ensures connectivity and ease when operating the new LCD.

Connectivity Inputs installed behind the trolley.


LG 65″ on a Manual Trolley.

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