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Upgrading Mount St Joseph Classrooms to Meet the Demands of Teaching in the 21st Century

Past client of DIB Australia, Mount St Joseph Girls College recently approached the team for the upgrade of two of their classrooms. The school is renowned for its academic excellence and varied curriculum underlined by Catholic faith. 

Upgrading classrooms can provide a significant boost to student engagement and teacher performance. Modern education technology is a must-have these days, promoting more effective and progressive teaching practices. This installation by DIB Australia shows that you don’t have to break the bank to bring your classrooms into the 21st century.

One classroom saw the installation of a new EPSON EB-955W projector. The 955W is a versatile projector that produces a bright, high quality image. It fits most spaces due to its high resolution and optical zoom.

classroom projector upgrade featuring epson eb-955w

The upgraded projector system

Modern technology like the Apple TV can be added on to existing configurations relatively easily and cheaply. Connecting via a single HDMI cable, it mirrors the display from an Apple device to the projector. This is all done wirelessly so that students and teachers can easily share content from their computers or tablets with the rest of the class hassle-free. This way videos, diagrams, presentations, and the like can be incorporated into lessons without the teacher needing to spend large amounts of time setting up or grappling with the technology. Due to these capabilities, AppleTV’s have seen a surge in popularity across schools in Australia where iPads and Macbooks are used in learning. They combine functionality and ease-of-use.

The Grandview projector screen and classroom speakers

The Grandview projector screen and classroom speakers

Existing control panels were reprogrammed by the team at DIB Australia so that they suited the new system’s capabilities. These were JED two button control panels. With clearly labelled ON/Source and OFF buttons, they simplify control of classroom systems so that teachers can quickly commence their planned lessons rather than spending ages grappling with the technology.

control panel for 955w classroom upgrade

The reprogrammed Joey control panel and projector inputs

This is an example of how any school can upgrade their classrooms to a clean, more modern system that meets the demands of teaching in the 21st century. By adding an AppleTV to each room, Mount St Joseph Girls’ College can enjoy the simplicity, functionality, and efficiency that modern education technology has to offer.

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