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Planning audio visual for a NEW building?

Great news; your school or organisation has a NEW building project approved! You’re excited about the possibilities and benefits this new area will create for your organisation. In this Hints & Tips section, we will explore some aspects that will help smooth the process of the AV installations in your new building.

AV consultant NEW building project - DIB Audio Visual

New building at local government school

As with any AV installations, the first step is to determine what exactly is needed in each space. This is no different with new buildings, except that there are several other parties involved in the process, including architects, builders and numerous other trade professionals.

A critical element to the success of any AV system in a NEW building project is the involvement of an AV integrator in the early planning phase of the project. Whilst many architects do an excellent job of designing beautiful and impressive modern buildings, these designs do not always lend themselves to creating workable, functional spaces for the installation of AV requirements. This is where an experienced AV consultant can assist in the design process and help create an excellent result.

CAD Drawing - DIB Audio Visual

CAD Drawings for New Building

One of the main reasons for having an AV consultant involved early in the planning phase is so that wiring for the AV system can can be installed, before walls are plastered or permanent ceilings completed. This not only avoids lots of headaches for wiring later, but enables the AV design to be practical. This practicality ranges from the functionality of the AV system through to the “serviceability” of the system. Many of these important factors can get overlooked when the design phase does not included consultation with an AV consultant.

DIB Solutions Consultants have extensive experience in providing AV solutions with NEW building projects, particularly with planning and working effectively with all parties involved.

If you require assistance with a NEW building’s custom AV requirements, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or contact us