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A complete guide to ultra short throw projectors

Many of the latest and most capable projectors feature an ultra short throw design. Simply put, the throw of a projector is its distance from the screen. Therefore, a projector with an ultra short throw will beam its image onto a surface that is very close to the device itself. These projectors are most common in small venues like […]... Read More »

NEW Epson EB-L1000 Series Laser Projectors Take Image Quality to New Levels

EPSON have introduced their new range of laser projectors with the Pro L Series. The EPSON EB-L1000 series takes image quality to new levels with up to 12,000 lumens of brightness, projecting in 4K resolution. This is a world-first, making these widescreen projectors a truly state-of-the-art technology. The series also features projectors with 6000, 7000, and […]... Read More »

Simple Yet Capable – The Joey Micro 9 Control Panel

CommBox products are a favourite of DIB Australia for their functionality and ease of use. Their wall control panels in particular have been featured across hundreds of DIB installs over the years. The Joey Micro 9 is a customisable nine-button wall control panel. It is compact, measuring 100 x 67 x 10mm. The control panel makes […]... Read More »

EPSON’s New ELP-DC21 Document Camera

EPSON is Australia’s leading provider of audio visual products, and for good reason. They are constantly coming out with modern, powerful, and easy to use technologies for use in all sectors. Their range of projectors and imaging solutions for the classroom are some of DIB’s most popular products. Most recently, EPSON have released the ELP-DC21 […]... Read More »

Meeting room audio visual installation made simple with Kramer VP-440

Meeting room audio visual installation’s always bring varying challenges and requirements.  At DIB Audio Visual we have assisted 100’s of school and corporate clients with the custom development of very simple to use and highly effective audio visual solutions for their requirements. As a Kramer Premium partner DIB is very experienced with the integration of […]... Read More »

Large screen LED Display range from Commbox

Large screen LED display’s are starting to enter the realms of affordability and are arriving packed with great features.  The NEW range of Commbox Commercial (non-touch) displays come in sizes 55″, 70″ 75″ and 84″.  All are full commercial displays rated for 24/7 operation (not really needed in the classroom/boardroom – but demonstrates reliability) and […]... Read More »

Lumens PTZ Cameras with easy USB to DVI convertor

The Lumens series of PTZ cameras are a good BYOD conference solution. A great thing about the Lumens VC-B20DU PTZ camera is that is can be purchased with a USB to DVI convertor. This makes it easy to connect a laptop (USB) and integrate into an AV system (via DVI). Other things that stand out […]... Read More »

Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet

A smart and simple solution for Room Bookings has been created. It’s aptly named the Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet. This is due to it’s simple-to-use interface, giving staff the ability to look at room availability of several rooms and book in the next meeting quickly and easily. This is a well designed solution; so […]... Read More »

NEW feature-packed Hitachi 9000 series projectors

The New Hitachi 9000 series projectors range offer display resolutions of XGA, WXGA and WUXGA and have a high brightness output range, starting at 8,500 all the way up to 10,000 ANSI lumens. The projectors use a 1-chip DLP to compose images. One key benefit of this range of Hitachi 9000 series projectors is the […]... Read More »

NEW Sharp Interactive Touch Panels…. – BIG on features, Sharp on price!

The newly-released Sharp Interactive Touch Panels set a new benchmark in the Touch Screen category of LED screens. They come in an 70” and 80” size option. Main features include a massive 10-point touch recognition (upgrade option on other brands), a very thin profile and has a low-reflective surface, giving it the best viewing angle […]... Read More »