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Audio Visual equipment in boardrooms or meeting rooms needs to be unobtrusive and needs to blend into the environment. While you want it to be what makes your meetings more engaging, you do not want it to be the focus of your room. We can help design and install the right system for your needs, be it a room that will be used for video conferencing or just for meetings and presentations. We can help design a system that is well concealed and out of your way, causing no clutter or unsightly tangled mess in your boardroom. We can also add automated control systems with user friendly interfaces which can be used to dim the lights, lower a screen, turn on sound and projection systems and much more.

Take a look at our Boardroom portfolio to see how we have helped schools and corporates achieve a sophisticated boardroom space.

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Recent Boardroom Installations

Interactive AV equipment innovates B2B’s Tavistock Place

B2B Project & Construction Management aspires to offer innovative project & construction management services to suit their clients’ construction and development needs. The company has a big emphasis on keeping their clientele their top priority. By striving to combine experience and efficiency, they hope to ensure that their rapport with their clients is maintained whilst providing […]... Read More »

Araluen boardroom reinvigorated by new AV equipment

Araluen is a support service that provides a wide range of aid to people with intellectual disabilities. These services facilitate, support, encourage and enable people to fulfill their goals and reach their full potential, building their skills and boosting their self-confidence. Araluen continues to inspire, empower and support people across Melbourne’s north-east suburbs thanks to the administrative […]... Read More »

Upgraded IT conference room at Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School is a private school with a campus located in Malvern. Caulfield Grammar School is determined to provide quality learning for all their students, shaping them into responsible global citizens. Thus, Caulfield Grammar recognises that using the best in educational technology is central to providing the best learning experience. This commitment to having the best technological facilities possible ensures that […]... Read More »

New Boardroom Products

Come together with the Microsoft Surface Hub

While it may be mistaken for a giant television, Microsoft’s Surface Hub is far more innovative and much more capable than any television or tablet. Flexible, dynamic and intuitive, the Surface Hub puts collaboration at the foreground, bringing with it an impressive array of features that help facilitate more engaging, productive meetings – both online […]... Read More »

Be heard with the new Revoluto Mic

The Revoluto Principle The Revoluto principle is based on patented microphone array technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in either a horizontal or vertical row.   Compared to gooseneck microphones this creates a much greater distance for voice pick up. As a result, the speaker is not restricted to the typical pick up pattern or […]... Read More »

The latest generation of Epson projector management software is finally here

Nearly 5+ years in the making, Epson’s latest projector management software has been released. Reducing the number of programs you need to manage from 5 to 3, it’s now easier than ever to run your Epson products. Epson Projector Management allows you to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations […]... Read More »