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Without regular Audio Visual system servicing, you could be reducing the lifespan and reliability of your system.  More often than not now days the servicing of Audio visual systems is about keeping them operational so they don’t let you down in critical times of need.

Incomplete maintenance can can have multiple effects, such as:

• Shortened equipment life

• Reduced image quality

• Total  lifespan reduction

• Premature or poorly timed failure!

Maximise the lifespan of your investment through regular maintenance! We provide a service and repair which is more than just a spit and polish.

We are also able to do a full test of your audio visual system complete with written report and suggest changes and improvements.

DIB Australia now offers online service for logging service requests or faults. Go to

What are installation numbers and where are they located?

Steps to log a service request or fault online

Steps to create an online account

For service related enquiries, call us on (03) 9459 0000 or go to to log a service request or fault online.

Service and Maintenance

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