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DiscoveryLab at St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Since 1981, when the school first opened, St Francis’ has seen teaching be completely revolutionised through developments in technology. Caithlin Power, eLearning Leader at St Francis’ says that they “are really excited about the broader range of learning opportunities that have opened up...with these great new facilities…” She remarks: “I wish I was a primary school student here in 2014 - the learning experiences today far outweigh what I was offered in the '80s.”... Read More »

DiscoveryLab: A Complete Guide

  What is DiscoveryLab? DiscoveryLab will assist your school in creating a culture of best practice and perpetual professional development, through the sharing of teacher strengths and the identification of areas to improve via observable truths. DiscoveryLab is a teacher feedback system first and foremost as well as a lesson recording system. DiscoveryLab allows you […]... Read More »