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Record and Stream your Classes

There are a wide range of devices available to schools to record and stream classes. All of these products can be put to good use to keep classes for future reference but also for the growing trend for remote learning. Depending on the product, the teacher can capture single or multiple video sources, sending the […]... Read More »

May 2020 – Education video conference, capture and streaming solutions

A deliberate, fast paced introduction and review of the different approaches commonly used to address the needs of education and corporate video conference, streaming and capture requirements in a fast changing COVID19 world. Raw and off the cuff discussion Presenter: Sam Garden Duration:  10 min ** JUMP to 3:00 mark for the juice of the […]... Read More »

Introducing the Lumens LC200 Recorder

The Lumens LC200 Recorder is an exceptional capture, record and stream device.  It offers a high degree of flexibility for the teacher or organisation wanting to deliver a quality remote learning or presentation environment. This stand alone device allows you to mix four video sources. You can record, stream and live-switch simultaneously. This makes the […]... Read More »