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Interactive projectors for Apollo Parkways classrooms

Apollo Parkways Primary School strives to cultivate an environment where a thorough, stimulating curriculum is supported by a challenging but encouraging atmosphere. With a wide rage of facilities and resources at the children’s disposal, Apollo Parkways values life long learning, better preparing the children for life in a global community. Apollo Parkways acknowledges the importance of educational technology, […]... Read More »

Five new projectors for Parade College

Parade College aims to cultivate a vibrant, diverse learning community where students are supported in their exploration and development of their passions and talents. Whilst aiming to encourage students to excel in all aspects of their schooling, Parade College hopes to shape young men into well-rounded, respectful global citizens, who will go on to make […]... Read More »

OACC classrooms gain fresh new projector systems

Overnewton Anglican Community College (OACC) is a co-educational, Prep to Year 12 college that prides itself on the high academic results their students achieve. OACC strives to foster a respectful, inclusive learning environment where students are moulded into not only empowered, global citizens well prepared for the world ahead, but into lifelong learners. OACC is committed […]... Read More »

Interactive projector installed in Beverley Hills PS staff room

Beverley Hills Primary School is committed to maximising the academic and social development of every child in the school. With a broad and expansive curriculum, Beverley Hills PS aims to foster excellence in a friendly and co-operative environment. The school takes pride in providing a wide range of learning experiences, including extra-curricular opportunities, that promote […]... Read More »