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EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector at PLC

EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector

School-wide projector installs for PLC’s Junior School

Taking pride in being one of Australia’s leading independent school for girls, Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) strives to provide students with a future-focused, dynamic education. Students are taught the skills necessary to help them navigate and succeed in the 21st century.

PLC tasked the team at DIB with installing new projectors and document cameras across all of the teaching, specialist and meeting spaces (35 in total) in the Junior School. After consultations with a member of our Sales team, DIB created a plan that would best improve the technology in these classrooms.

Installation process

Before the commencement of any installation, DIB has allowed the removal of old equipment (such as old projectors and speakers), as PLC is a valued client of DIB.

An EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector was installed in all 35 rooms. The interactivity of the projector perfectly suits the classroom environment. becoming an effective substitute for the standard whiteboard. Students can get a more hands-on experience by using the pens (or their fingers) to engage with the projected presentations. This adds an extra element of involvement that can innovate the learning landscape.

The 3500 ANSI lumens output and along with the full HD resolution provides high-quality, crystal clear displays. This allows the projector to create vibrant images that further attracts the attention of students. Since it is an ultra-short throw projector, fewer shadows and glare obscure the clarity of the image.

EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector at PLC

EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector

While the projector comes with 16W built-in speakers, DIB installed a EPSON 30 Watt speaker system. With 2 x 15 Watt speakers, this system is able to produce buzz and noise free audio that can fill the whole classroom with sound. A 3.5mm socket was also fitted to give users direct connection to the speakers, allowing audio to be played even if the projector is not on.

Projector w/ EPSON 30 Watt speaker system at PLC

Projector w/ EPSON 30 Watt speaker system

An EPSON ELP-DC21 Visualiser was also provided, which allows users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive education creativity tool. The Visualiser is a document camera which comes a great zoom module (allowing for a 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom) and a built-in microphone. This equipment can be used with some of the Visualiser’s key functions, as live annotation, video recording with audio, image capturing and the time lapse function.

To make using the system easier, DIB installed an Extron MLC55 6-button wall control panel. By placing all of the system’s features in one place, users no longer need to have different remotes to control each system. These user-friendly panels usually include buttons that turn the system on and off, select the source to be projected, and control the volume.

Extron MLC55 6-button wall control panel at PLC

Extron MLC55 6-button wall control panel

HDMI input plates were fitted in each room to allow users more ways in which to connect their device. As the projectors are interactive, a USB input was also fitted for use alongside some of the projector’s interactive functions, such as saving notes from the projector onto a USB.

HDMI, USB and iPod inputs at PLC

HDMI, USB and iPod inputs

Scroll through the gallery below to see more photos of the finished rooms!

EPSON EB-696Ui Interactive Finger Touch Projector at PLC
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