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EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at Cornish College

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

New interactive projector for Cornish College portable

Cornish College’s philosophy is centred around gearing students for future success in this rapidly changing world, shaping them into forward-thinking individuals and citizens with an appreciation for the world and for life. Supported by a vibrant learning community, Cornish College’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of the student’s education and personal development means that they actively strive to provide their students with the opportunities and resources to pursue their passions and reach new highs.

As such, Cornish College approached the team at DIB with the intention of installing new, innovative educational technology in a new portable classroom. This was fulfilled in the shape of the EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector. As suggested by the name, this projector provides an interactive element that boosts student engagement in the classroom, allowing students and staff to engage with projections/displays using their fingers and/or the special pens that come with the projector.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to see the finished works!

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector
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