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Get to know the PTC500 Professional Auto Tracking Camera

Professional Auto Tracking Camera

Have you ever wanted to give a TED Talk style presentation but don’t have the resources? The AVer PTC 500 is a tracking camera that can give you that camera crew style feel with a single camera.

The AVer PTC 500 can track you across a space automatically, giving the impression someone is controlling the camera. The PTC 500 can track as you walk across a stage, zoom in as you move away, and a full panoramic view of your presentation space.

30X Optical Zoom

The PTC 500 can display clear images from anywhere in the room. A 30x optical zoom means your video is crystal clear even when the PTC 500 is placed up the back of a presentation space.

120° FOV Panoramic View

The PTC500 features a second camera on its base, offering a panoramic view thanks to its 120° FOV, ample for taking in rooms of all shapes, types, and sizes.

Use this second feed for a full establishing shot of your presentation space to vary up camera angles, or to be able to see the whole stage at once.

The two cameras means you can alternate your feed for an even more professional feel to your video presentations.

High Tracking Accuracy

The PTC500 offers high-accuracy tracking with the ability to set 1 target zone and 8 blocking zones. The additional blocking zones ensure smooth tracking even if other people walk into the tracking space.

Setting up the tracking zone is simple with the accompanying software. Set up the space you want the PTC 500 to focus on and it will concentrate on people in that space.

AcuControl Free Software

Adjust settings and preview video ahead of time using the free, user-friendly AcuControl software. AcuControl also allows users to transfer video via IP streaming and supports the ONVIF protocol.


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