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uConnect Soundhouse HA System

The uConnect Soundhouse HA System will allow hearing-impaired students and event attendees to benefit from the highest quality sound. With direct transmission to hearing aids.

Ensuring your audiovisual system is accessible to all students and attendees is an important goal for organisations and schools.

For students with learning difficulties, the intelligibility of speech is important. 

The system is agnostic and future-proofed to the type of hearing aid transmitter required.

The system is all and discreet offering a low installation footprint.

uConnect Soundhouse HA System

All components are of the highest quality. 

And braille and tactile signage offers additional support including child-friendly operating instructions.

Importantly, the system supports teachers speaking in their natural conversational voice with no need to shout or overwhelm students with loud sounds. 

This product is highly recommended by the team at DIB where accessibility is important to your school or organisation.

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