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SMART Table 442i

The SMART Table 442i Collaborative Learning Centre – no longer available


SMART are a company focused on facilitating collaboration in education and business. Their education products are designed especially for the classroom. Their first SMART board was released back in 1993, and they have been developing their interactive technologies ever since. Their powerful software and interactive displays are used by more than 2 million classrooms every day. 

The free standing SMART Table® 442i features a massive touchscreen. Students can stand around the table to work together and collaborate with the table supporting up to 40 points of touch simultaneously. It comes with a toolkit so that teaches can easily create new activities. They can also download lesson content and activities from the SMART website for years Prep – 3. These interactive activities promote team work, learning, and participation in the classroom. Interactive displays are also great because they are intuitive to use. They do away with the clunkiness of many technologies and let teachers and students directly interact with content using a finger. Overall, the SMART Table is a valuable tool for teachers of younger students.

SMART Table 442i

The SMART Table 442i

The Table’s display interactivity and ruggedness does not come at the expense of image quality. It features a stunning 42″ 1080p high definition display that is free from glare and shadows. This makes for a fantastic and clear viewing experience, even in bright classrooms. Further, the table can be easily moved between classrooms so that one can be shared between rooms.

SMART Table 442i

The SMART Table 442i in use in the classroom

The SMART Table 442i is a sturdy technology that is resistant to being knocked over or tipped by spirited students. It can support up to 90 kg of weight, meaning students are free to lean on it as they interact. The surface is scratch- and spill-resistant – designed especially for the active classroom.

See below for a video demonstration of the SMART Table.


Simply put, the table is fun for kids to use and sure to survive the wear and tear of an energetic classroom. It is a fantastic way of reaching greater engagement and collaboration with students.

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