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RM VerTable

RM VerTable Interactive is an innovative piece of design that combines elements of flexible furniture with interactive technology. RM VerTable is an excellent height adjustable classroom activity table in its own right, but by integrating the revolutionary EPSON interactive projector, RM VerTable displays two complimentary modes of use. In its more traditional vertical setup it works like an interactive whiteboard for whole-class instruction and collaboration, but by simply changing it into table top mode, students can gather in smaller groups to participate around the now interactive table.

Case Study – Concord School


EB-485W & Vertable (vertical) - Recent DIB install

EB-485Wi & Vertable (vertical) – Recent DIB install – Overnewton Community College

EB-475W & Vertable (horizontal) - Recent DIB install

EB-475Wi & Vertable (horizontal) – Recent DIB install – Concord School