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Using DiscoveryLab as a tool for providing evidence for teaching standards

“Could you please show me clear evidence of the improvement in a specific area of your Professional Development? a principal said to one of her teachers at the end of the year.

The Victorian Dept of Education in the Schools Performance Framework advocates that

the internal accountabilities that schools meet on a day-to-day basis are formalised in a structured cycle of reflection based on rigorous interrogation of evidence, broad engagement in planning for the future, and transparent monitoring of progress.

DiscoveryLab is a clear and transparent tool for teachers to evaluate and use as evidence in meeting these and AITSL teaching standards.

In many industries it is easy to provide clear evidence of your achievements and improvements; the ability to easily show statistics that relate to one’s performance. Even professional sportsmen and women know how many matches they’ve won and lost! Imagine if you could simply and easily record what happened in a lesson and then track that over 3 to 9 months and see how you improved. Come time for your annual review, you feel confident, knowing that you can provide clear evidence of how you’ve improved and in what areas – it is measurable, by means of observable truths. This teacher feedback system allows teachers to excel at what they’re good at… teaching!

Well, that’s exactly what DiscoveryLab allows you to do as an education professional. It gives you real-time analysis of your lessons, with the ability to monitor and assess the forward progression in your teaching practice. What a boost for teachers to know they are on track and getting better in their teaching practice!


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)

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