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Using DiscoveryLab with peer teacher evaluations to get effective teacher feedback

Two heads are better than one (at least that’s what my Mum always said!) Being able to share your teaching journey with a trusted colleague is very important. It is often hard to evaluate something “after the event”, particularly if it is not straight after a lesson. Being able to evaluate “observable truths”, at any time, with a trusted colleague, takes the subjective nature out of the feedback. It allows both parties to positively review the lesson. As teaching practice is honed and advanced through measurable feedback, this ultimately leads to better learning outcomes for students.

The most successful method Hattie has encountered is the data teams model, in which small teams of teachers meet every two to three weeks and follow a specific structure to examine student data, set incremental goals, engage in discussion about goals and improving instruction, and create a plan to monitor learning and instruction and then repeat the cycle again… What is important is that teachers are open to looking at evidence of their impact on students and critiquing each other’s impact to better meet the needs of the students.

DiscoveryLab, when partnered with a similar approach, becomes a powerful tool; providing teachers with objective evidence to review, empowering them to share their teaching development journey with trusted colleagues and mentors.

Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)

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