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Introducing the new range of portable Epson projectors

Epson’s new range of projectors are slim, lightweight, and packed with the latest features to make your presentations pop.

Don’t let the small size and lightweight design throw you off. The portable range by Epson has the same features you’d expect from larger, bulkier projectors:

Portable versatility

Whether you have a presentation that needs a projector or more classrooms than supplies, getting these projectors between classes or meetings is easy.

The slim design of models like the EB-1780W means you can slip it into a bag and set it up again in no time. Auto horizontal and vertical keystone correction keep the image square, even when off centre.

Screen fit also scales your presentation to fit in the projector. A natural 1080p display means the portable range can fit your presentation without any cutoff.

Connect easily with NFC

Connecting to anything wirelessly can be an embarrassing, time-consuming pain- especially when you’re trying to use new devices.

The NFC connectivity of the portable range removes those frustrations with a simple tap of your phone against the projector.

Connect your phone to your projector the same way you pair Apple Airpods or make a transaction with your phone. You can spend more time presenting and avoid the awkward pairing stage that often accompanies wireless technology.

Epson iProjection compatible

Once connected to your phone, you can start operating your projector wirelessly using the iProjection app.

Epson iProjection lets you turn your phone into a projector remote and gives you access to the files on your phone through your projector.

Save the need to set up your projector, laptop, and then be bound to your laptop to click through slides when you present.

Miracast screen mirroring

Mirror your screen to your projector with Miracast. Great for performing in-depth how to’s, or when your presentation isn’t a slide deck.

Miracast works with PCs, phones, and tablets. Your presentations are no longer locked to a device, saving that embarrassing realisation that  you have your presentation with you, but it’s on the wrong device,

Gesture presenter

Remove the need for a laser pointer and present even more naturally than before. The Epson portable range can detect where your hands are to highlight areas of your screen and to go to the next slide.

Impress your crowd by changing slides with a swipe of your hands rather than the engagement breaking shuffle over to your laptop’s trackpad.

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