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New Kapp iQ by SMART

With schools and businesses looking at new ways to create collaborative environments, the NEW Kapp iQ by SMART offers an exciting new platform for synergistic learning in the classroom.

The new Kapp iQ is not only a high quality 4K Ultra HD Touchscreen but also a Multi-Way Whiteboard. This unique feature works independently of a PC and allows all students using an array of devices and operating systems, to instantly contribute to on-screen content. Lessons can be saved and shared, and even brought up at a later date by easily scanning the QR code on the Kapp iQ board.

SMART kapp iQ - DIB Audio Visual

Features of SMART kapp iQ

– Silktouch technology; an accurate, natural and responsive touch surface.
– Unique Auto-on feature, which switches the screen on by a simple hand gesture.
– Connect up to 250 participants with a self-generated URL.
– No IT integration required.
– Includes SMART Notebook software

SMART have created a unique, high-resolution collaborative device that offers great learning, teaching and coaching opportunities in both business and education sectors.

For more information on the SMART kapp iQ product, please call a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or Contact Us