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NEW CommBox Control Pro & Lite Processors, PLUS Commbox Control Touch 7

CommBox are quite well known in the AV space within the education sector. Many schools would be familiar with their Joey series of control panels, including the Joey Micro, Joey 9 and Joey Lite. With other offerings, such as the Commbox Classic, Pro & Pro Plus series of interactive touchscreens, this Australian company have been providing quality products to market for several years now.

The latest in their group of product offerings is the CommBox Control Pro & Lite series of processors. This product suits a particular part of the AV market; to provide an affordable interface for touchscreen control. With a connection possible via a HTML control interface, this product suits the application of a BYOD control panel, where the processor can be linked wirelessly via an iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Or, if preferred, the device (such as a tablet) could be permanently installed on a wall near the AV system.

CommBox have also brought out the Commbox Control Panel 7; a 7-inch, low-cost touchscreen that interfaces with the CommBox Control Pro or Lite processor. This unique solution provides a much more affordable option than current offerings in the market for a touchscreen interface, whilst still providing many features and better simplification for clients.

Recently, staff at DIB have undergone training on this product to better understand what applications it would be suited for and programming of the interface for the touchscreen.
Keep an eye on this product. We feel it will be a viable option for AV system that require a touchscreen interface.

Commbox Control Lite features MANY Port Connections…
> Ethernet – Device control via IP (Internet Protocol)
> RS-232 (bi-directional)
> RS-485
> Combo Ports
> Analogue Logic imports
> Relay Drivers
> IR Bus

For more information on the Commbox Control Pro & Lite processors, CLICK HERE

For specs on the Commbox Control 7 touchscreen, CLICK ON THIS LINK

For more information on the Commbox Control Pro & Lite processors series or the Commbox Control 7 touchscreen, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or Contact Us.