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Motorised wall brackets for large LED touch displays

With the increasing demand for large LCD/LED touch display systems in both classroom and meeting rooms, comes the problem of how hight to mount these products. For typical adult applications they can be mounted 900-1000 mm off the floor or even a bit higher if the screens themselves are not too large.

However in some instances the height requirement vary’s. This can be in the case of junior or primary environments where they might want ot make the screen accessible to younger students. It might also be in the case of a science room where the screen is mounted behind and island bench and the teacher wants it to be able to rise up to maybe 1.5m above floor level and be very visible from all around the room when not being used as a touch monitor.

There are solutions and they come in the form of motorised brackets typically.

Below is just such an example built by Ultra-lift a local Melbourne company these brackets allow for screen weights of up to 140 Kg (which is a big screen indeed). They also feature additional reinforcement options that allow the brackets to be externally braced to the floor in the instance where the buildings wall structure is not strong enough to hold the weight of the installed set (this can easily occur when a typical 70″ panel can weight 70 Kg or more.

Please contact a D.I.B Audio Visual solutions consultant today for further details and or pricing.