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Let the Evoko Room Manager take care of it for you

The Evoko Room Manager is the modern way to plan and book meetings. Avoid the confusion, frustration, and double booking that come with traditional meeting room booking.

The Evoko Room Manager does more than just make booking rooms easier. Integrate the Evoko with your email server to see when you’re usually booking meetings to free up resources and plan your day better.

Meeting intelligence

Know for sure with a clear readout

Keep the relaxed atmosphere by knowing for sure whether a room is vacant or not. The readout will let you know if a room has already been booked or is empty and good to go.

Schedule and adjust from anywhere

Extend meeting times from the Room Manager itself. If a meeting runs over time and that room is booked, the Room Manager will direct you to the nearest available room.

Learn how you’re using your rooms

The Room Manager can track and log statistics based on your room usage. Are you having too many meetings? Which are your most used rooms? The Room Manager can track all this and more for you.

Up and running in no time

Setting up your Room Manager is as simple as integrating the Room Manager into your email server. No additional software is required. Your system treats the Room Manager as if it were another employee in the system.


Book a meeting

Book meetings using the Room Manager itself, or see what’s available.

Add rooms using your normal calendar software, just invite the room to the appointment.

Book from anywhere; your phone, computer, wherever invites can be sent from.

Extend or end current meeting

  1. Touch the screen
  2. Chose “Extend This Meeting”
  3. Chose what time you want to extend to

–––––––––––– OR ––––––––––––

  1. Touch the screen
  2. Choose “End This Meeting”
  3. Confirm

Report broken equipment

  1. Touch the screen
  2. Choose “Report issue”
  3. Select the equipment that needs to be repaired
  4. An e-mail is automatically sent to the facility manager
  5. The broken equipment is showed in red on the screen

Check in to confirm your booking

10 min before the meeting starts a confirm button shows up on the screen. If not pressed within the set time limit (up to 30 min after meetings start), the meeting room booking will be released, making the room free for others.

5 minutes before the confirmation time runs out you get an e-mail reminding you to confirm.

The Evoko in brief

Simple design and layout

Avoid double bookings, book ad hoc meetings on the go, and make booking meetings even easier.

Optimize the use of rooms

Use the check-in function to release booked meeting rooms when no one show up. Free up your room time and measure when your rooms get used the most.

Keep your IT department happy

The simple design means no additional software needs to be installed, removing the concerns of IT managers everywhere.

Industry recognition

The Evoko Room Manager has received industry recognition across the board (and globe):

  • Good Design Award 2011 by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
  • DFA Award 2011, by Hong Kong Design Centre
  • “Best Digital Signage Hardware” 2012 at the Best of InfoComm Awards from rAVe Publications
  • iF product design award for 2011