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John Hattie puts Microteaching in the Top 5 effects on student Learning and Achievement

There a few different approaches to Microteaching. One of these is the process of applying a technique whereby teachers can review video footage (post lesson) for evaluation purposes. This technique allows teachers to see what worked, which aspects have fallen short and identify what needs to be done to enhance their teaching practice. It gives them ‘observable truths’.

Educational researcher John Hattie in his book “Visible Learning for Teachers“, advocates Microteaching as an approach that can have a high impact on student achievement.

AITSL also endorse the use of Microteaching in the classroom for teachers. AISTL state that teaching practice can be strengthened by incorporating “actions designed to promote precision teaching by skilling teachers in the use of evidence-based micro-teaching strategies and techniques”

By using a similar approach, DiscoveryLab is a powerful tool for teachers to reflect objectively on their teaching practice. This is when this DiscoveryLab is coupled with a structured approach (such as an instructional coaching model), this tool becomes very effective in gaining objective feedback on teaching practice. This combination empowers teachers to grow in their professional practice and development.

Ultimately, DiscoveryLab is about creating a positive collaborative culture, where sharing of best practice is part of the everyday. This is something that John Hattie advocates highly, including resourcing teachers to work together to make an impact in the work that they do.

Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)


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