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Sharing exemplary practice via video “Hub of Best Practice” can revolutionise teacher perspective on feedback

Video is a natural medium that captures exactly what occurs; you could call it “observable truths”, if you like. Having the ability to record lessons in Full HD with multiple perspectives like DiscoveryLab, enables the sharing of exemplary teaching practice amongst colleagues throughout the school. It is not the shortcomings in a teacher’s teaching ability, but what to aspire to in their teaching profession, which is the focus.

The cycle of this ‘Hub of Best Practice” is as follows: Discovering new things, Learning (either with a Mentor or individually), Teachers will then Improve their own teaching practice (through real application) and then this encourages teachers to Create their own content to add to the Hub of Best practice.

DiscoveryLab provides an amazing solution in this area; where colleagues can view videos uploaded by staff and learn from their exemplary teaching practice. Sharing of best practice and effective techniques helps teachers collaborate more effectively with each other. This begins to create a positive culture towards feedback in your school.


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)


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