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Epson Meeting Mate Wireless Features Video Overview

Introducing the basic wireless features of the new Epson EB-1410Wi Meeting Mate interactive projector.
With Epsons’ iProjection app (free on Google Play or App store), use wireless projection to view files, photos and more from your mobile devices such iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. With PC free annotation tools, you can highlight, annotate, draw and make notes on the displayed content.

Unlock the full potential of network-ready Epson projectors by attaching to your LAN via a wired or wireless connection. Network-connected projectors not only allow users to present visual and audio content over the LAN, but also to annotate on network content using Epson’s instant annotation tools. Using the included EasyMP® Network Projection version 2.81 application allows users to project a presentation via a maximum of 4 network connected projectors and enables individual mouse control from each location. This present the ultimate interactive collaboration via the network from remote locations.*