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Dynamic SoundField Classroom Amplification & Hearing Loops

For the best possible learning experience children must be able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly in class, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Factors such as classroom noise, the distance between teacher and students, and challenging classroom acoustics can make understanding the teacher difficult, even for children with normal hearing.

In Australia any hearing impaired person 26 or under is fitted with a Phonak FM/Roger device. The Phonak ‘Roger’ Dynamic Soundfield system is the only system which is 100% compatible with Phonak FM and Roger technology and is also future-proof as all products can be upgraded as hearing aid technology changes.

The Phonak Soundfield system integrates with any classroom projector system. It can be mounted on the wall, however it is also portable, meaning it can be moved from room to room easily.

Proven soundfield benefits:

  • Students’ listening and learning skills improve
  • Less speaker repetition required
  • Enhanced class instruction and management
  • Less teacher vocal strain

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Introducing Phonak’s Dynamic SoundField System: