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Using DiscoveryLab to help identify a teacher’s focus area

As a teacher myself, I know that when I have been teaching, I have missed things. It is easy to do. Often it’s the things that are missed that can be the most important. When there are many things happening in a lesson, our focus shifts from one area to another. Sometimes, as teachers, we can get to the end of a lesson and wonder how successful or effective it was…

As a teacher, it is accurate and specific feedback that is required; something that gives you a way to clearly identify what you can work on to improve your teaching effectiveness.

DiscoveryLab gives teachers playback of multiple perspectives at once and the ability to pause and rewind footage. This allows the teacher to clearly identify a focus area, as well as track their improvement in this area over a designated time period (using multiple recordings). Teachers can also work on improving their strengths using the same approach. By identifying a specific focus area and being able to make positive changes to develop or change it, this can be add a whole new dynamic to your teaching proficiency. Becoming a better teacher and visibly seeing the difference in your teaching practice, ultimately helps produce better students outcomes.


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)

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