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Crestron Capture HD Recorder for Classrooms/Teaching

The Crestron CAPTURE-HD recorder is a compact unit, designed to sit on a shelf or mount in an equipment rack or podium. It captures presentation content from a computer or other source along with a live camera image and records them together in full-motion HD. The two images may be composited on screen side-by-side or picture-in-picture (PIP). The camera PIP window can be sized and positioned in any corner of the screen over the presentation content. Either image may be captured full screen as well.

Audio content from the presentation source is captured in stereo along with the live “speech” signal from a wireless microphone. The two signals are mixed together and recorded as one high-quality stereo signal.

This is commonly being installed with a couple of ceiling cameras and ceiling microphones which can show not only the students, but  the teacher with the lesson at the front of the room, making this a great teacher self assessment tool as well as a lesson recorder.

Recent installation at Koonung Secondary College using the Crestron Capture

DIB Classroom Recording System Brochure