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Get into the huddle with the Yamaha CS-700

Huddle rooms have unique requirements, as they typically are small sized rooms with limited tabletop space. The Yamaha CS-700 combines ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video to fulfill video, audio, and collaboration requirements in one simple, wall-mounted system addressing all communication and collaboration requirements of the modern huddle room.

Main features:

  • USB audio and video support for UC applications
  • Beam forming microphone array
  • 4 speaker element sound bar
  • Ultra-wide angle camera with 120 degree field of view
  • Integrated SIP interface for Call Manager integration
  • DisplayLink interface
  • Remote Administration and Management, System notifications (SNMP), Auto configuration support

Ultra-wide angle lens to view the whole room


The small size of huddle rooms and the number of people who cram into them means it’s hard to see everyone in a single shot.

The industry-leading 120 degree wide angle lens on the Yamaha CS-700 means everyone can fit in the one field of view.

Hear every word with the CS-700


The CS-700 takes advantage of Yamaha’s heritage in the audio space. A beamforming microphone picks up every word spoken in the room. Award winning audio processing and 4 speakers are then able to pump everything said right to the back of the room.

Every type of support and connectivity you need


The Yamaha CS-700 becomes your all-in-one communication box with support for all the leading communication applications. Everything from Skype to BlueJeans works through the CS-700.

The CS-700 even supports SIP, USB, and Bluetooth. If you can talk through it, the Yamaha CS-700 works with it.

Save space with wall mounting


Space is at a premium in huddle rooms- you can’t afford for desk space to be taken up with equipment. The CS-700 slots into a wall mounting rack that places the unit out of the way and manages cables.

If you can drill a hole in it, you can install the CS-700.

Manage 100s of CS-700s with ease

Large scale organisations are faced with the daunting task of managing the hardware in 100s of huddle rooms. The Yamaha CS-700 makes hardware management a breeze with remote management and bulk configuration.

Mutliple CS-700s can be configured and updated by the IP interface, cutting down on repetition and freeing IT departments up to focus on real work.

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