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Lumens Camera

Lumens Tracking Camera

The VC-TR1 integrates PTZ camera and 112° FOV panoramic camera. Thanks to the dual lens design, it can capture the entire view and track a speaker simultaneously. While in the process of tracking, the VC-TR1 automatically switches the video frame. Audiences see not only a presenter but also the content on a whiteboard or presentation material.

The camera can be set to various modes including:

Stage Tracking

Focuses on a presenter standing on a stage or behind a lectern and tracks the speaker’s movement across the stage area.

Everywhere Tracking

A speaker can leave the stage to interact with the audience and is free to walk around without wearing any devices. There are no distance or connection restrictions even if the speaker is obscured by other people.

Lumens VC TR-1 Camera

Partition Tracking

Creates up to four preset zones to allow a presenter to move in a specific area. The VC-TR1 will capture the displayed content and a presenter with powerful auto-tracking and smooth PTZ functions.

Super Tracking

Stage Tracking, Everywhere Tracking, and Partition Tracking which can be mixed-use and enabled with the speaker to present formally or interact with panelists and the audience, while providing your video with a variety of shooting ranges.

Full HD 1080p 60fps with 20x Optical Zoom

The zoom feature of the VC-TR1 provides an incredible 20x optical zoom with a professional Full HD image sensor. The VC-TR1 delivers brilliantly clear video and exceptional optical accuracy at 1080p resolution.