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Logitech Tap & Rally

Logitech Tap & Rally

Rally is a premium Ultra High Definition conference camera system from the team at Logitech.

Logitech Tap & Rally Modular Components

Logitech Rally Modular Components

The key point about Rally is that it will allow you to run smarter meetings automatically.

Logitech® Rally offers an Ultra-HD imaging system, delivering brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. The modular audio system brings crisp, clear audio and unmatched voice clarity to the table.

Rally comes with modular audio components allowing you to place speakers and microphones wherever they are needed.

A key feature is what Logitech calls Rightsense ™ which includes some pretty amazing technology.

Logitech Tap & Rally Camera

Logitech Rally Camera



RightSight™ and RightLight™

RightSight™ and RightLight™

RightSight™ auto-frames participants no matter their distance from the lens.

RightLight™ prioritizes faces over environment to render natural-looking skin tones.



RightSound™ enhances vocal clarity by suppressing background noise, auto-leveling voices, and focusing on active speakers.

Logitech Rally comes highly recommended from our team and delighted customers.

Logitech Tap connects to a computer via USB as an additional display, opening up new touch control possibilities for applications like team collaboration, digital signage, room automation, environmental control, and other workflows where touch control is desired.

Logitech Tap Controls

Logitech Tap Controls

logitech tap

Logitech Tap

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