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commbox joey micro 9

Simple Yet Capable – The Joey Micro 9 Control Panel

CommBox products are a favourite of DIB Australia for their functionality and ease of use. Their wall control panels in particular have been featured across hundreds of DIB installs over the years.

The Joey Micro 9 is a customisable nine-button wall control panel. It is compact, measuring 100 x 67 x 10mm. The control panel makes a modern and highly capable addition to any AV system. The newest version features a sleek updated design along with capacitive touch – the same touch technology that is in your smartphone or tablet – giving the cotrol panel a hard and strong external surface that only needs a gentle touch to operate.

The Joey Micro 9 is fully customisable. The control panel can be specially customised to suit each AV system and user’s needs on an individual level. This allows the DIB team to work with the client to set up the control panel so that it is intuitive and easy to use. One of the greatest barriers of all is the misuse of audio visual systems. That is why DIB always works hard to keep it simple so that audiences and users can reach greater understanding. Joey Micro control panels are effective in achieving this simplicity.

commbox joey micro 9 control panel

A customised CommBox Joey Micro 9 control panel

The Joey Micro 9’s buttons are clearly labelled and each has an LED light that indicates what mode the system is in, providing greater clarity and confidence as to what the system is doing and what state it is in. Finally, the control panels have a vibrate function to give the user feedback when operating the capacitive touch screen.

Joey Micros also have a smart technology that lets them detect when the room is empty and the system no longer in use and will shut down on their own. This saves energy and money, preventing situations where the audio visual system is left on by accident. The control panel tracks time, key presses and room movement to accurately detect when the system is no longer in use. Ultimately, the Joey Micro 9 is simplified and easy to use, yet highly functional. It is the perfect addition to any new or existing AV system.

For more information about the Joey Micro 9 or assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us.