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Hitachi 75" interactive display HILF75101

The Latest Hitachi 65″, 75″ & 86″ Interactive Displays at Integrate 2016

The DIB Australia team recently attended Integrate 2016, Australia’s leading AV, live production, and systems integration event. It featured a packed show floor showing off the latest in AV and IT innovations from all the leading manufacturers. Over the coming days, we’ll be blogging about the highlights of Integrate, and the products that you can look forward to seeing in your school or business. This post will specifically examine Hitachi’s new¬†generation of flat panels.

Hitachi’s latest range of interactive LCD displays boasts 3 different models. Herein we will examine the breakout features of each version.

Hitachi 65″ interactive flat panel (HITFHD6516)

While 65″ flat panels have been offered by Hitachi for quite some time now, the latest model continues to perfect the technology. The HITFHD6516 features a beautiful full HD display (1920 x 1080p resolution), ensuring that interactivity is not at the expense of picture quality. New to the 65″ model is a set of powerful front facing stereo speakers. This enables audio to be direct and crystal clear, as opposed to older panels where speakers are facing away from the user. Further, the 65″ model is the only one out of the range to come with an optional built in PC. While the other flat panels require a laptop or other external device to be connected, the 65″ model (with integrated PC) can be used completely standalone.

Hitachi 65" interactive flat panel (HITFHD6516) with front facing speakers

Hitachi 65″ interactive flat panel (HITFHD6516) with front facing speakers

Hitachi 75″ interactive flat panel (HILF75101)

Like the 65″ alternative, Hitachi’s 75″ interactive LCD display provides for an impressive and fluid interactive experience. It distinguishes itself by allowing for up to 10-points of touch simultaneously, while the 65″ model only offers up to 6. This provides for easier collaboration and group work, letting multiple people interact with the screen using many points of touch at one time. As well as having front facing speakers, the HILF75101 comes with front USB and HDMI inputs for convenient and fast connecting.

Hitachi 75" interactive display HILF75101

Hitachi 75″ interactive display (HILF75101)

front facing USB and HDMI ports on Hitachi 75" interactive display

The front facing USB and HDMI ports

Hitachi 86″ interactive flat panel (HILF86101)

The 86″ Hitachi interactive shines by providing a simply massive interactive surface. To match the huge screen size, the display provides an ultra high definition image stretching with an impressive resolution of 3840 x 2160. This makes for a stunning viewing experience. Like the 75″ model, the HILF86101 supports up to 10 simultaneous points of touch making it ideal for collaborative scenarios. Its large size also provides ample space for multiple people to work on the display at once. Once again, this model comes with handy front USB and HDMI ports.

Hitachi's impressive 86" interactive display

Hitachi’s impressive 86″ interactive display (HILF86101)

All of these displays are ideal for bringing greater engagement and collaboration to education, corporate, and retail environments. They all feature anti-glare screens, making them perfect for interactive use.

For more information about Hitachi’s latest range of 65, 75, and 86 inch interactive displays, or for assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us.