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fusion signage graphic

fusion signage graphic

Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management

Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management

Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management is an Australian product and comes in two specification levels – Standard and Pro. 

This simple to use solution is well suited to 90% of the requirements that DIB Audiovisual find in our  K-12 school clients.

Digital signage systems are a popular choice in schools around Victoria. However, the main issue until recently has been the complexity of the set up required to make the best use of them.

The introduction of Software on Chip (SoC – inbuilt Android systems) within digital signage screens has removed the need for hardware such as PCs and other players.

These systems are simpler to set up and manage.  Many vendors such as Philips, LG, Sony now have an SoC offering.

fusion signage graphic

fusion signage graphic

Here are some key features of the Fusion Signage Digital Signage Manager.

Simple & Efficient

No need for extensive training programs, the Fusion Signage interface requires minimal to no thought and can be picked up intuitively. We found that in many cases digital signage would be implemented, then forgotten about or avoided because it was too confusing or too hard to update. We set out to build a CMS that overcomes these issues: a system that a local cafe with one or two screens, or a multi-national company with hundreds of screens, can use in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective

From our experience, due to the ongoing cost of other CMS systems on the market, a lot of clients resort to using USB sticks to update their content. Our vision is to keep the cost of Fusion Signage as low as possible to make it accessible to everyone. A once off, 3-year cloud-based licence provides nationwide coverage to your screens, for not much more than the cost of constantly sending out USBs.

Powerful Features

Fusion Signage was designed with a simple dashboard, giving you access to powerful features without the clutter. Grouping Manage an endless number of screens at one time by easily grouping them together. Dayparting & Scheduling Schedule separate playlists for various times of the day, or weekdays vs weekends.

Cloud Based

Fusion Signage is easily accessible to you from any PC anywhere, anytime. The cloud-based storage allows 1GB of content uploads monthly per screen, which can be scaled upwards if required.

Flexible Deployment

To reduce the amount of unwanted hardware, Fusion Signage is integrated directly into Philips™ panels which means no media player is required. Alternatively, Fusion Signage can be integrated into your existing Android™-based media player.

Custom Functionality

Functional simplicity is at Fusion’s core. With three simple steps, you can have one or all of your screens connected and displaying content. But we also wanted the ability to expand on the platform to meet clients’ needs. Almost any functionality can be custom-built to ensure Fusion Signage works the way you need it to.

For assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or email us at info@dibaustralia.com.au