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Logitech GROUP video conferencing

First look: Logitech GROUP

Logitech GROUP is a affordable and powerful video conferencing solution. GROUP provides for video conferencing with clear video and crisp audio, turning any meeting place into a video collaboration space.

High quality audio and video are critical to holding effective video conferences. Logitech GROUP achieves this by delivering high definition 1080p video quality which is detailed enough to enable expressions, non-verbal cues and movements to be seen clearly. Audio can be heard with life-like sound that is highly intelligible. Together these features make  for a seamless video conferencing experience.

Logitech GROUP components

The system features a high definition camera, speakerphone, remote, and hub with optional additional microphones.

GROUP is perfect for any meeting room or boardroom space. It comes with a remote control which lets staff easily operate the system. Apart from the standard functions of beginning/ending calls and changing/muting volume, the remote also lets users switch between a number of camera view presets and pan and zoom to re-position the camera as needed. Meanwhile buttons on the speakerphone console gives access to advanced audio features. The system is plug-and-play, connecting to any computer/laptop with a single USB cable. This makes it easy to switch between devices as needed. This all combines to result in a highly versatile and adaptable solution.

Logitech GROUP hub and remote

The hub and remote

Importantly, Logitech GROUP comes at an affordable price point while still delivering the best in video conferencing

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