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Extron 12″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel with Preview Ability

Extron 12″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel with Preview Ability

The Extron TLP Pro 1220 series is a 12″ Touchpanels with capacitive, edge-to-edge glass touchscreens.

The Extron TLP Pro 1220 series allows control of fairly advanced audiovisual systems.

DIB Audiovisual use The Extron TLP Pro 1220 with capture and presentation systems and we are a Premium Extron dealer and pro-certified with hundreds of projects of all sorts of complexity.

We take a lot of pride in developing GUI(graphical user interface) interfaces that are super simple to use that don’t require a lot of training.

The panel gives you plenty of real estate for laying out all sorts of controls, but most importantly it allows for a video preview window which can be fed in by HDMI or Extron’s CADEX system which is called XPP.

The reason this is significant is when you get into setting up projects that have multiple display outs and simplified recording systems such as the Extron SMP series or the Lumens LC200, they can get quite complicated. These preview screens allow us to make the complex very simple and to give the operator confidence right in the display to see what they are going to get, make sure it is what they want and have presets of different views from which to choose.

Here’s some more features of the product:

  • As with all TouchLink® Pro models, these new, customisable touch panels features faster processing and more memory.
  • The 18 bit color capacitive touchscreens provide a vibrant look and a more responsive control surface.
  • Both touch panels feature video preview inputs that support high resolution video from HDCP-compliant HDMI sources and Extron XTP devices.
  • The convenience of PoE+ allows the touch panels to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable.
  • The TLP Pro 1220 series have bold, clean, high tech designs and features that make them ideal for control applications requiring fully-customisable touch panels with flexible mounting options, large control surfaces, and multi-source video previews.
  • All TouchLink Pro touch panels are customised using Extron GUI Designer software. This powerful interface design software offers ready-to-use resource kits to help design a wide variety of interfaces for rooms and presentation environments.

Other features

  • 12″ capacitive touchscreen with 1280×800 resolution
  • Faster processing and more memory
  • High resolution full-motion video preview with HDMI and XTP inputs
  • Compatible with all IP Link® Pro control processors
  • PoE+ delivers power and communications over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply – Power injector sold separately
  • Built-in speakers provide stereo audio
Extron 12" TouchLink Pro Touchpanel

Extron 12″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel

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